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Tips on Finding the Best Orlando Vacation Rentals

Finding the best orlando vacation rentals isn’t easy, but there are ways to have a great vacation without breaking the bank. As with most efforts, advance planning and careful organization are essential. In this guide, vacationers will learn some easy steps to take to ensure that they find the vacation rental they want at a fair price.

Start the Search Early

Customers can avoid some of the stress and high cost of renting a vacation home by planning and researching at least six months in advance. While this timeframe may seem a bit excessive, renters should keep in mind that Orlando’s most popular rentals fill up quickly as peak season approaches. Once the timing and destination are chosen, a local rental agent can help customers find the right rental unit.

Use a Variety of Sources

It is important for customers to use multiple sources when shopping for an Orlando vacation rental. By talking to different people and by comparing prices from a variety of sources, renters can learn about the Orlando area and find a great deal. While the process may be labor-intensive, finding a rental this way may be cheaper in the long term because the customer can avoid high brokerage fees.

Read the Contract Carefully

Many people are so excited to find the perfect vacation home that they underestimate the importance of the rental contract. However, this legal document is important as it outlines the customer’s rights and responsibilities. Renters should understand who’s responsible for the following expenses:

  • Energy bills
  • Internet, phone and cable
  • Housekeeping

It’s vital to get a checklist of what is included in the rental and to have the contract reviewed by a local real estate attorney. While hiring a lawyer can be costly, spending a few hundred dollars now can save a renter from an expensive mistake later.

The Bottom Line

Finding a vacation rental does not have to be difficult or stressful. With thorough advance planning, a renter can make their vacation more enjoyable and affordable. With the steps listed here, families can ensure that their summer rental doesn’t ruin their vacation and their budget.