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Reasons Why You Should Consider Replacing Your Air Filters

You can have quality air depending on the types of the air filters that you use in the aircon. The air filters will function optimally when they are brand new and they must be changed after some time. The following are some of the leading reasons why you should consider changing the air filters in less than three months.

If You Have Pets In Your Compound

The pets are important animals but some of their attributes such as shedding the fur and depositing dirt from outside into the living room can lead to some diseases. When the dander, dirt and fur are not managed, they can build up into dangerous levels. Having the properly functioning filters ensures that you are free from allergy that may be caused by your pets.

When You Smoke At Home

When you are used to smoking at your home, you then need to take serious precautions to ensure that your family is safe. When you smoke, you release tar in the air that eventually builds up over time. Having new filters in every month can contribute to the wellbeing of the people in the house as the smoke particles will be eliminated.

The Types Of The Air Filters

The air filters are designed to contain certain sizes of the air particles. The clogging rate increases with the sizes of the particles that the air filters handle. The clogging of the filters can lead to the problems with your furnace. The air-conditions will function properly when you change the air filters regularly.

A House That Is Not Sealed In The Right Way

When your windows and doors are not properly sealed, then the dirt and other impurities may gain quick access to your house. When you live by the roadside or near the construction sites, your house may receive different types of pollutants. You should get new air filters to ensure that you are safe from the allergens and the wall particles.

During Extreme Weather

When your area is very cold, your air conditioners will be operational most times to ensure that you stay comfortable. When your system is function during the entire day, it will collect several impurities. You should ensure that during the cold and hot seasons you increase the number of times that you change the air filters.

When you want to maintain a healthy home and environment, you should strive to ensure that you change your filters. It is cheaper to replace the air filters as compared to the medical costs and the cost of the repairs of the furnace.

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