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Old Photo Restoration

Below are the few old photo restoration services:

• Recreating missing parts of the photos
• Removing spots, stain damage and molding’s
• Manipulating the photograph
• Enhancing and Enlarging the smaller Images
• Restoring the faded photographs
• Repairing tears, scratches and creases
• Water and fire damages
• Stitching back the torn up photos

Now, let us see a detailed explanation of how these photo restoration services can help you:

• Recreating the missing pieces of photos: For some older photos, you can find some missing sections like eyes, hands and etc, but do not worry about the damaged pictures, as the missing parts can be painted out or reconstructed digitally and can be manipulated from any other picture to match the original image.

• Removing spots, stain damage and moldings: Stains and spot damages are frequently occurring on the photos. In the photo restoration process these damaged stains can be removed by scanning the photograph. By scanning you can also change the background of the photograph and can fix the mold damages.

• Manipulating the photograph: Sometimes a good picture of an individual does not exist. Extracting an individual photo from a family photo or from a wedding photo is very simple to do. It can be manipulated by cropping and isolating the picture to create a new picture.

• Enhancing and Enlarging the smaller Images: Sometimes you may have to resize a passport size or small size picture for a large image. This can be done by cropping the smaller picture and enlarging the same to a larger image by adjusting the image quality.

• Restoring the faded photographs: It is the known fact that the photos will be faded with age. Some photos placed in the photo frame for a longer time can be faded due to sunlight and other reasons. The color of the images can be changed with the color tinting services.

• Repairing tears, scratches and creases: Tears, Scratches and Creases are most commonly occurred problem for the pictures which were handled from past years. With the use of photo restoration these will be modified digitally without losing the feel of the original image.

• Water and fire damages: Some miscellaneous damages like ink pen marks, water and fire damages can also be recovered by the photo restoration methods.