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I Have to Help Plan a Wedding

Of course there is not really any difference between working for my boss and working for the company. More specifically the boss’ wife is really the one in charge. Her family owns the company in it’s entirety and the boss is only the boss so long as they say that he is. So right now I am looking for Nashville wedding photographers and of course I am looking at the budget. She has a good idea of ways to save money, mostly by trying to limit the size of the guest list. The big thing is how much you pay to feed the guests when you look at it critically. It is usually going to run you something like fifty dollars a person for food, depending on who you hire and what you feed the guests. Prime Rib is going to cost you more than Mac and Cheese obviously, but no one is going to feed their wedding guests like that. I have seen lots of people serve hot dogs and burgers, which I sort of suggested when she wanted to save money.

That did not go over very well, but of course I told her that I meant we should have a kid’s menu. She knew that I was making a shift to preserve the situation, but pretended that I was not. However I did tell her that I thought that I could find someone who would do the catering, but the guy probably would not be interested unless she paid him cash. Obviously that would mean that we would pay for the food and then pay him in cash so that he did not pay taxes on the money. Unless you can write off the money there is not a real down side for her to do it, assuming the government does not find out.